What We Do

Candidate Sourcing

Our clients contact us with a need to fill a specific position against their job specifications and remuneration requirements. We source candidates that meet their expectations and present these to the client and arrange for interviews. Once the client is satisfied that the candidate meets their requirements, the candidate is offered the position, and we often assist with the finalisation of the placement.

Project Recruitment

Some of our clients require a lot of candidates for a specific project or the client is a recently established organisation / start-up. We are able to resource for these projects in a very short period of time, where we pool all our resources to ensure we deliver on time in terms of the project requirements.

Psychometric Assessments

The recruitment decision becomes one of the most critical decisions business now have to make. A successful candidate can make an enormous impact on the future success of an organisation. A bad hire, unfortunately, ensures the opposite, often with dire consequences on the bottom line or the organisational dynamics.

This had led to organisations becoming more and more sophisticated in their hiring process and they use a range of tools to assist them in their evaluation of candidates. Psychometrics have become an invaluable tool to assist in this process and we are partnered with an organisation which provides an online psychometric tool which candidates complete in their own time.

The outcome is a detailed assessment report on the candidate in relation to their suitability against the role requirements. The report is also supported by psychologists who assist in ensuring the candidate report is properly interpreted to ensure the organisation’s decision makers are able to hire the most suitable candidate.

Remuneration and Benefits Structuring

We assist clients with remuneration and benefit structuring for candidates or within their own organisations. Organisations reinvent themselves over time, which often means changing remuneration and or benefit structure requirements. We assist existing organisations and also new start-ups with the conceptualisation of their own purpose around remuneration and how to achieve that.

We are partnered with specialist benefit providers which can assist clients to tailormade the structures they require.

These include:

  • Medical aid
  • Medical insurance
  • Retirement funds
  • Risk benefits (death and disability)
  • Deferred compensation
  • Long term retention

Candidate Vetting

Part of our recruitment process is rigorous background assessments which include criminal, credit and qualification checks. We also obtain references from previous employers to validate work experience and past performance. 


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I have to commend Douw and his team on their approach to our business needs. We will definately be making use of them in teh future again.

Joe Smith

Managing Director, Elle Supplies

Okwami have helped us source and place key staff on several occasions and they remain our preferred business partner for all our recruitment needs.

Alan Grey

HR Manager, CNC Directions

Okwami have a unique approach to recruitment and we would not choose anyone else.

Sally Hirch

Partner, Workforce Solution